Ancestral Files of Roy and Carol Ferrari
Can you identify this pin
that belonged to S.F. Campodonico?
J.B. Acquistapace in his unifrom of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows
Ships of our Ancestors:
Bark St. Michele, Genova 1857
S. S. Finland, Antwerp, 1907
S. S. La Bretagne, Le Havre, 1909
S. S. France, Le Havre 1926

Emigrant Ship's Poster
Italian Emigrant Ships June 1904
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Biella Family
Buerkbuechler / Bigler Family
Sutti  Family Campodonico Family
Ferrari-Visca  Family
Hummel Family
I hope you'll enjoy our family photos along with the genealogy research within these family journals. Hope to hear from you if you find any connections or something of interest. I am choosing not to fully document my journals on the internet. If you see a family connection or are interested in learning more, please let me know. I am more than happy to share my genealogy research, when I receive information from a fellow researcher, I give them credit, I only ask that you do the same. It is my hope that someday another family researcher will pick up where I've left off and locate further information on our families.

Our Biella and Sutti families are from Cosio Valtellino in the Sondrio province of Italy.

The Ferrari-Visca Family, originated in the Canton Ticino, Switzerland with several of the descendants of the family now in California where the family surname is now know as Ferrari.

The Buerkbuechler family came from Germany, emigrated to Missouri, then to Mariposa County, California, where they became known as the Bigler family.

The Campodonico family has its roots in the Genova province of Italy.

The Hummels are from Illinois to California. Revisions are being made to the Hummel Family Journal, I hope to have it back up soon. 

We'll be adding more of our favorite links and family journals as time permits